The Benefits of Electronic Invoicing for SMB


To make payments between businesses faster and more reliable — and to overcome the limitations and hassles of the traditional paper invoicing process — electronic invoicing can be the solution.

electronic-invoice-2The traditional invoicing process that is dominated by stamps, envelopes and long delays has always been a tedious one.

Small and mid-sized businesses can now take advantage of the effectiveness and reliability of electronic invoicing.

Several electronic invoice providers are now also offering services where businesses can create and sent their invoices from mobile devices. This is an attractive option for contractors and other types of businesses.

Viewpost has developed a system that can operate across email, PDFs or SNS. This enables the business to fuel invoice online through their mobile device also gives them the ability to pay them right there. The company has made the app available for free on Apple’s App Store

CloudTrade is another electronic invoice service provider that helps businesses to streamline an ease their invoicing process. E-invoicing can not only speed up the entire invoicing process, it will likewise help to make invoices a lot more manageable and easier to organize.

500M Audio Streams per Week in the UK


According to, there are currently more than 500 million audio streams streamed every week from the United Kingdom alone.

New figures released by the BPI showed that the weekly volume of audio streams in the UK has now surpassed the 500 million mark.

What’s even more interesting to note is that the total number of streams, including from video streaming services such as you Youtube those from platforms such as Spotify double the number of total streams to a staggering 1 billion per week.

According to the latest numbers released by the MBW, online video is the number one choice in terms of popularity amongst people in the UK. Video streams make more than 50% of all streams received over the Internet.

The BPI study more over highlights how the number of audio services available for free or via subscription is greatly on the rise.

The new Apple Music streaming service as well as other  similar services are sure helping the boost and popularity of audio services streaming from the United Kingdom.

How to Increase Your Business’ Fire Safety


In the United Kingdom it is mandatory that businesses adhere to the British fire standards and fire regulations. Not doing so may cost a business owner large sums in fines and in some cases even their business license.

In some cases, following the strict British fire codes and making sure that your premises are save is not really a big problem.  For commercial buildings, most of the time there might already fire alarms and sprinkler systems be installed. Getting a number of fire extinguishers and placing them in easily accessible locations is not a problem either.

dry riser systemIt is a different story though once a commercial building exceeds a certain height. The British fire regulations mandate that buildings that are higher than 18 m have what’s called a dry riser system.

Without getting too technical here, a dry riser system is a system of pipes that enables the fire brigades to connect the water supply. The dry riser pipes are connected to water outlets inside the building. In case of a fire,  this water  for extinguishing the fire can then be easily accessed from a variety of locations.

The issue here is that simply having a dry riser system installed is not all there is to it.

In addition to the requirements of having it, the dry riser must also be tested and maintained regularly. Obviously, this is not a job for the average Joe but such testing must be performed by certified specialists. All throughout the United Kingdom you can find certified companies that are qualified to install and most of the time also maintain dry riser systems.

If you happen to be a business owner in the United Kingdom, the best way to get all the information you need for maximum fire safety in your premises would be to get in touch with your local fire brigade.They can let you know about the specific requirements for your area.  The fire brigade can also give you a list of companies you can contact to purchase approved fire safety supplies or who can perform dry riser testing in your area.

Ergonomic Furniture For Less Stress


ergonomic-chairs-studioThe music biz is not any different than many other types of businesses in a sense that a lot there has also to do with organization and management.

Think about concert or event planning or similar professions in this field.

What’s common here when we compared those types of professions to a typical office job would be that both require a lot of sitting in front of a desk.

And any time when there is a lot of sitting involved, the right furniture can make all the difference. It can be the difference between feeling exhausted and tired after only a couple of hours or being able to work comfortably for many long hours. Most people don’t consider that it is their office furniture that can be the cause for all kinds of ailments, be it physically but also mentally. In addition to that, feeling comfortable with ergonomic furniture can also significantly contribute to less stress, more motivation and better focus.

Now, make now mistake, a good ergonomic chair doesn’t necessarily come cheap. But it’s the various expenditures for our health and also the fact that good quality office furniture can often outlast the supposed bargain chair for many decades. Seeing it from that perspective, this makes a high quality ergonomic chair or office desk a much better investment.

So, if you are like me and work prolonged hours on the computer you should look into ergonomic furniture because it can have many benefits.

Paying Premium for Super High Quality Digital Audio?


Several large entertainment companies, among them Pono, Sony and Apple are working on a new, digital music format and a device that should satisfy even the biggest audiophiles.

The new music player named Pono is targeting the music enthusiast market, those people for whom the quality of standard MP3 audio files is not enough. The new device boasts higher audio resolution with higher bit rate without any compression artefacts or compromises in order quality.

As you can imagine, the new super high quality audio files will be sold at a premium price.

For some albums, Pono charges twice as much as for the same album in “normal” quality on iTunes.

Whether this new technology will be a success remains to be seen. While audiophiles will certainly agree that the quality of those music files is a lot better, the average Joe will likely not find a difference as compared to the old formats.

Surprise Entertainment Is What’s “In” in the UK For 2015


If you happen to be in the music and entertainment industry I’m quite sure that you came across the term “surprised entertainment” already. Here in the United Kingdom but also in other countries including overseas, surprise entertainment including things such as flash mobs are definitely all the hype right now even more so for 2015.

So, in case there is a tiny chance that you never heard about surprise entertainment I want to give you a quick overview of what it actually is.

Today, when there is a corporate event or an happening such as a wedding and similar events, people want more then booking a less than average band to play. It is as simple as that that you can impress anyone any longer with those old-fashioned types of musical entertainment for your party or wedding.

Surprise entertainment goes a lot farther than that. One good example for surprise entertainment that is very successful in the UK today would be the singing waiters. Those entertainers can be booked for all kinds of events. What they do is that they will attend your event in disguise, they are dressed up as waiters and mingle with the other party guests. At a certain time that you can arrange with them beforehand they will start performing.

Another very popular type of surprise entertainment today is flash mobs. Those are especially popular for marriage proposals but are also well liked for other types of events.

I can recommend that you see the singing waiters website and watch the videos if you want to learn more about surprise entertainment and flash mobs. This can give you a good idea about why they are so popular today.